Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blood Angels - Knights of Blood - WIP

I have been wanting to continue expanding my Blood Angels army for a long time now but like so many hobby projects this year, other things intervene.

This squad is armed for close combat with mostly chain-sword and bolt pistols, I have also included some heavier weapons like Plamsa Gun, Melta Gun and Flamer but nothing that should inhibit movement. I have used backpacks but could swap out for Jump Packs if needed.

The other part of this squad I have worked on creating is the individual poses. To make the squad unique I have created a shoulder-pad press mould shield and blood drop icon out of greenstuff for the Knights of Blood  symbol , unfortunately I was not good enough to do the swords as well. The sergeant is a model from the Assault on Blackreach set, one of my favourites, with a right arm swap and boltgun  swap. Some of the other poses are a space marine throwing a hand grenade, another favourite pose, as well as a marine looking at an auspix. I have also converted one marine to carry a combat knife rather than a chain sword.

Stay tuned as I paint these guys up.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Ogre Hut - Terrain - Finished

Painting the Ogre hut began as with most of my terrain projects with a primer of black spray, followed by a base colour of leather brown for the hides and a darker brown for the fur roof.

I then drybrushed the hides with a lighter brown, then a final drybrush of Bleached Bone.

The fur was drybrushed several shades of brown, with a sandy yellow to add highlights, some patches were done in shades of grey for variety, representing different animal furs.

Next was to apply some washes to the hides, mostly flesh wash and agrax earth shades.

Lastly I completed the base with my ground black pepper and herb technique and did some more shading with washes to blend everything in.

I am very happy with the way this piece turned out.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ogre Hut - Terrain - WIP

I have been wanting to make this piece of terrain for a long time now but never seem to get around to it until now that is. It is based on the article from the fantastic book 'How to Make Wargames Terrain' from Games Workshop.

I used an empty plastic yogurt tub as the basic shape. I made the rounded roof with quick dry filler that you would use to fill cracks in your walls. Next to create the wooden structure I used toothpicks and greenstuff.

The leather hides were made from textured paper used for painting watercolour pictures cut out into hide like shapes. I added a small entrance into the hut for added detail. Next was to glue the 'hides' onto the sides of the hut and take note here, there is a correct way to do this otherwise you will end up with strange overlapping so take a minute to lay out your pattern before you glue them down. I made that mistake and am hoping the painting will not make it noticeable.

As I said earlier I was only using the article as a guide so I went for a facecloth for the roof covering which is meant to be bear or similar animal fur.

The piece was based on MDF board for strength and again I used the filler for the ground covering. I will be adding sand as well.

Next painting it all up.


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Conan - Boardgame by Monolith

I have just returned from Stygia with a hoard fit even for Conan!

More picture to follow.


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Converting a Stormcast Eternal into a Space Marine - Painted

After a small hobby break, I have put some paint onto my conversion/kit-bash this week past.

With all my Minotaurs, I follow my tried and tested recipe.

Black Primer, base-coat followed by a layer of Warplock Bronze (picture not shown). Next I painted a layer of Brazen Brass followed by a wash of my custom made verdigris mix. Lastly a drybrush of Brazen Brass to bring out the highlights and create the shading.

I then painted all the details, the other metal areas were a base of Leadbelcher with a highlight of Mithral Silver, the reds a base of Scab Red followed by a highlight of Mephiston Red. The shield I left mostly Warplock Bronze. The leather is a base of Dark Brown and highlight of Beastial Brown.
I know I am naming some old GW paint names but that's how I remember them.

Here are the rest of the finished pictures, enjoy.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Converting a Stormcast Eternal into a Space Marine

I got a free Stormcast Eternal with my purchase of the 'Getting Started with Warhammer age of Sigmar', which is a great publication hearkening back to GW's good old days. The thing is what to do with a single miniature if you don't play Age of Sigmar.

The obvious is to convert or kitbash it into something else. I did some research, looking at cool pictures on the web of conversions..ha-ha, and decided to add a cool sergeant/captain to my Minotaurs Army, although to be fair it will fit into my Blood Angels Army just as well.

I began by assembling the miniature (except shield arm) then proceeded to cut off the hammer, shoulder pads and arms thereafter. Next was to glue the shield to the shield-arm.

Now the best part, deciding what to add:

I chose a suitable weapon, in this case a Blood Angels sword then glued it to the weapon arm, next was a Chaos backpack (Chaos icons filed off) which looks better than the loyalist Marines because it has more height. I added two nice Minotaur shoulder pads from Forge World and a head from Puppets War. I also added a pistol, grenades and extra armour from a Terminator to the mid section. Last was to add some Brass etched bits to the shield, also from Forge World, to complete the transformation.

Some personal notes:

As mentioned earlier, I had to cut off the arms completely, then re-position with some green-stuff to be able to fit the shoulder pads so they look natural. It may have been better to use a space marine torso.

I think the proportions of the Stormcast Eternal are more realistic as the model of a space marine's legs are too short for the rest of the body.

I am looking forward to painting this miniature very much.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Alpha Legion - Horus Heresy - Betrayal at Calth - Finished

All that was left to finish was the bases and the details.

I was a bit perplexed by what colour to paint the helmet crest and tabard., initially I went for red but that looked too much Night Lords so I repainted it grey and washed with black then highlighted with grey again. I think that fits in better with the Alpha Legion colour scheme as well. I did leave the eye lenses red though.

The bases were basically brown with weathering powder applied to give it that dusty Mars earth look.

The models really turned out the way I was hoping for and I am pretty pleased. This just makes my decision even harder now.

Only one legion left to try out.....