Monday, 21 April 2014

Dark Angels Tactical Squad - Dark Vengeance - WIP


A small Update on these guys. I managed to paint in the base colours of the rest of the models. Now I can start using washes to create depth and shadow and finally paint the highlights.

Hopefully I will have time to take more pictures along the way, I just have so little time these days that stopping to take pictures is a difficult


Monday, 14 April 2014

Dark Angels Tactical Squad - Dark Vengeance


More work on my Dark Vengeance Box Set, this time the Dark Angels get some love. I started with a Grey Primer as that is all I have, followed by a coat of Dark Angels Green.

It didn't cover as well as I would like so a repeated the process.

I then used a liberal wash with Black Wash.

Next I dry-brushed a highlight of 50/50 Goblin Green and Dark Angels Green.

Lastly I washed the models with a generous wash of Coelia Greenshade just to blend the base and highlights better.

More soon.


Monday, 7 April 2014

40k Chaos Chosen - The Reborn - Finished


Well, I finally managed to finish these bad boys! In the beginning I hated painting these models because of the enormous amount of fine detail on them but towards the end I began to love them and the final product.

The paint job is a good table top standard and these models unfortunately don't look nearly as good in the photographs as they do in reality. My camera is starting to show its age and in these shots you can clearly see the difficulty it has in dealing with the variety of colours in one picture. You cant really see the different shades of paint e.g. red in the cloaks etc

Enough talking from me, enjoy the pictures!

I am so looking forward to tackling the Hellbrute now!!

Let me know what you think of The Reborn!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

40k Chaos Chosen - The Reborn - more WIP


It's taking ages for me to finish these guys because so little time these days to paint stuff, so apologies if this is dragging on a bit.

You can see the progress on the cloaks and sword above and below.

Here are some pictures of the non armour details being done including the all important daemons.

Now you can start to get a good feel for what the finished article will look like. Next post will be the finished product, I promise.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

40k Chaos Chosen - The Reborn - WIP

I don't have as  much time to work on these beautiful models as I would like but slowly is better than nothing. Above you can see I have started to paint in the layer colours to the details.

I decided that these bad boys will worship all the Chaos Gods so I mixed it all up as far as the daemons go. Some purples, blues and that a

Because these models when put together make painting some areas difficult I am painting them first them will assemble them at the end, so how the finished product will look is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

I want to try and paint the daemons, trying to break out of the sword or trapped inside the sword depending on your preference, to look like real humans so am going for a flesh colour.

More building up the layers and some basic contrasting.

More soon.


Friday, 14 March 2014

40K Chaos Chosen - The Reborn

So after many weeks of inaction I finally was able to get some painting done. Previously I asked my readers for some advice on a Chaos chapter for my Dark Vengeance Chosen. The winning result was the Reborn!

I started out with a grey primer, that and white is all I have, then followed with a thin base coat of black.

 Next I painted an a layer of GW tin bitz.

Followed by my custom mix of brass and orange mix, see pot in picture.

Now a heavy wash of my verdigris mix.

Followed by a dry brush of the custom brass mix.

Next a clean up of all areas that are not going to be brass.

The next part is going to be fun, I have never painted any sort of daemons before so using blue and purple on skin will be great fun. Hope it turns out okay.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Luna Wolf Shoulder Pad - Greenstuff Sculpt - Hobby


This is the last of the hobby posts related to my Pre-Heresy Luna Wolf model. I wanted to push my greenstuff sculpting abilities and had a go at sculpting the shoulder pad icon from scratch.

Above is what the actual icon is.

I started by adding some greenstuff to the shoulder pad and working it into the crescent moon shape. Then let it dry completely.

Next I cut out the bottom where the wolf part of the icon overlaps the moon.

Then I added new greenstuff and carefully worked it into the wolf head shape, then added definition as I went along for the eyes and ears. I tried my best to keep the head small but that is the best I could manage.

It looks pretty rough but once painted up I think it came out pretty well. Of course I made a greenstuff press-mould of the pad so I could replicate is easily for any future models.

Never by scared of trying your hand at greenstuff, if it goes wrong just cut it off and start again.