Sunday, 7 June 2020

40k Terrain from Trash - Industrial Building #3

I followed the same process as before but used a light brown/sandy colour scheme. The other item I am proud of is that I finally managed to use the shaving blades on this piece of terrain, I have been holding onto these for ages now.



Sunday, 26 April 2020

40k Terrain from Trash - Industrial Building #2

I followed the exact same process as in this post.

So just enjoy the pictures.


Tuesday, 14 April 2020

40k Terrain from Trash - Industrial Building

Like most of you, over this period, I have had more time for hobby than in the last three years combined (probably).

I have always wanted to do some terrain from trash and again like many of you I have hoarded vast amounts of stuff in the 'I will use that one day' scenario. Well this is finally one of those days, I spotted a couple of nice looking biscuit packs and went to work.

They are very flimsy so I filled them with paper dipped in white glue which when dry made them fairly robust. Next I added some bits, bottle caps, pieces of lego or something similar, computer bits and some 40k bits.

I superglued them on being careful to not add to many bits as the packs had a nice shape already.

Next was to prime in black and then base coat with a WW2 green which looks great for these types of buildings in my opinion.

I added some black wash followed by a drybrush of the same green, next was to add some light brown wash/paint for dirt and rust. Next was to paint the brass bits follwed by a green oxide paint and a second drybrush of a lighter brass.

To finish off I did add some proper rust effect weathering by model mates which look amazingly real.


The second building in the next post.

Hope they provide some inspiration.


Sunday, 22 March 2020

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Terrain - Cottage Variants - Finished

I have managed to complete another two cottages or huts with slightly different techniques.

The first technique was to use foamboard which is easier if you have a glue gun with a lower setting allowing you time to work with the assembly before drying.

The next technique was to use other materials which could be glued with white glue, cardboard and some wall crack filler for the walls  and foamboard for the roof, door, windows and floor.

I cut out the cardboard to size and used white glue to attach the corner posts, once this was done I glued all the pieces together including the floor.

I then used the filler to cover the walls and before it dried I placed the doors and windows in the respective positions.

I did the one roof tiled and to get this effect you need to cut out some card squares and glue in the tile pattern, very simple and easy.

Once everything dried I painted it in the same colour scheme as before with the exception of the doors.

Tiled roof Varient

My little Rangers of Shadow Deep Terrain collection is growing.