Sunday, 16 July 2017

Dark Imperium - Plague Marines - WIP

I have been thinking about a colour scheme and how to paint these guys, watching videos and looking at the web for the last week or so and the plan is to go for the look on the box, green base colour etc

However I don't have the Death Guard Green spray or paint so I was going to prime in black and then use a GW Knarloc Green base colour followed by the metallics etc.

After looking at my paint stock I saw I had the Army Painter Green Primer Spray which I use for my Bolt Action Allies and I knew my problem of a base colour was solved.

Top and below are the first pictures of the models primed straight over plastic build.

Stay tuned for the WIP.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Dark Imperium - Plague Marines - First Thoughts

I have assembled the Plague Marines (still in the raw plastic so no need to add pictures, there are lots on the web).

My initial thoughts so far.

The sculpts are really good and the level of detail is equally excellent but the question I have been asking myself is:

Are they better than the Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines box set?

My thoughts are that they are the same, the Marines are equally good sculpts with great detail. The Lord of Contagion, Malignant Plaguecaster and the Noxious Blighbringer are all very pretty awesome models, same goes for the Foetid Bloat Drone.

I am still in the camp of these are well worth the cash and will be great to paint when I manage to get some time, but the purchase seems to be 'shiney syndrome' more than anything else.

Not complaining though.

I am going to build the Primaris Marines next.


Friday, 30 June 2017

Fabled Realms

The game has finally launched and funded in around 8 hours, well done 4Ground!

I have been eagerly anticipating this game since I heard about it, the world looks fantastic and the Terrain Tutor is going to bring the Map to life, another good mover 4Ground.

The story sounds great, it can almost be a snapshot of The Empire province of Averland and Sylvania where Vampire and Human lived as close neighbours.

The miniatures also look unique, hard to do these days with so many games out there.

But now the part I really didn't foresee coming.

I can’t see the value of their starter set costing £40 for essentially an A5 rulebook and 8 miniatures plus some dice and cards, even with the stretch goals which seem to come mostly at an additional cost.

I will have to think about whether I want to get involved with the game now and the only way would be to get the rule book and convert up my own characters from my Warhammer miniatures which are gathering dust in my cupboard.

Very sad.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dark Imperium - Pox Walkers - First Thoughts

I have assembled the Pox Walkers (not based and in the raw plastic so no need to add pictures) and I wanted to talk about my initial thoughts so far.

The sculpts are really good and the level of detail is equally excellent but the question is:

Are they better than the Dark Vengeance Cultists from the previous box set?

My thoughts are that they are the same, the cultists are also good sculpts with great detail so its a draw, same plastic etc. the thing I am not liking too much is the way they have broken down the different parts of some of the Pox Walker miniatures, I understand it is probably to get more on the sprue, but it makes converting very difficult and in some cases assembly tricky.

I have watched Duncan paint one up on the Warhammer TV painting series and I think I am going to try the method he demonstrated, starting with  a white primer followed by various washes.

Check it out if you have not already, link below.

This weekend I am assembling the Plague Marines and will post up my thoughts next.


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Dark Imperium Box Set

Look what just arrived this morning!

This has got to be the best box set GW has done so far, I was initially sceptical about the whole thing and have lost touch with the gaming side for a long while now.

I will read the rulebook and fluff and decide if I want to pick it up again.

The artwork is also gorgeous.

From a painting and collecting standpoint, it looks amazing! I purchased this without hesitation. I will let you know what my feelings are on the miniatures when I have put some together but first thoughts are 'they look beautiful'.

Once built, the big question will be which chapter to paint them up as.

Any thoughts let me know.

I hope you are all gleefully rummaging through this box set as I am.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Terrain - Wooden Hut - Finished

I started out by priming the piece with black spray primer.

Then painted dark brown over the entire terrain piece.

Next was to paint the wooden parts of the model with 'Bestial Brown'.

I then drybrushed with 'Vermin Brown'

The final highlight was applied with 'Balor Brown', I also painted (drybrushed) the ground with 'Tallarn Sand' and 'Karak Stone' with a final highlight of 'Bleached Bone'.

The roof was painted with the same browns as the wood and ground. 

I drybrushed various areas to give the impression of different animal furs being used (the roof is covered with fur not straw).

I used black and grey for the door entry fur and also as a contrasting colour in the roof.

I blended everything in with washes along the way.

Final piece.

I left the ground around the hut bare on purpose as I want to return and fill this in with some camp clutter, maybe a drying out skin on a rack a crate or barrel, maybe some firewood etc.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Terrain - Wooden Hut - WIP

I wanted to make a wooden hut, originally for my Conan Boardgame, as part of a 3D board project but it can be used for pretty much most gaming genres. The main idea is for the roof to be removable so one can play inside the hut.

I started out with a good base of MDF, cut out strips the boards from coffee stirrers and the supporting posts from BBQ sticks. Glued them in a shape similar the one on the Conan Pict Village Board.


I then used greenstuff to fill in the gaps to represent mud or mortar. Then I used quick dry filler to base the piece both inside and out and once dry covered the exterior with sand.

The next step was to work on the roof, I cut out BBQ sticks to represent the roof supports and glued on cross pieces for strength and held all in place with some greenstuff.

I used a piece of an old washcloth for the animal fur door closure, I will also use this for the roof covering.

The roof is not glued to the walls but sits on top snugly. Once the roof structure was dry I dipped my my wash cloth pieces in PVA glue and then layered then on to look like overlapping furs.

Next up, painting it.