Saturday, 28 February 2015

40k - Chaos Cultists - The Reborn - Dark Vengeance - Finished


I have applied all the washes and highlights were needed, sorry no in between stage pictures. I was too busy trying to get them finished.

I split the cultists into two groups led by the different for the pictures, it shows them off better than if they were in one big bunch.

I am really happy with the way they turned out, all gritty and dirty but very evil.


Sunday, 15 February 2015

40k - Chaos Cultists - The Reborn - Dark Vengeance - WIP


More Dark Vengeance goodies, by the time I finish this set the new one will be

This time its the awesome Cultists!

I wanted my cultists to be from many different Imperial Guard Armies. That meant a variety of colours which in turn means it will be hard to make them fit in with the rest of my The Reborn Warband and at the same time make them look like they belong to the same unit themselves.

Black primer was applied first. I then painted all the base colours of the uniforms in reds, blues, greens, browns and greys. I alternated the colours so if one model has a blue trouser he could have a grey jacket and so on, this helped to keep the cohesion while still looking like they come from different armies.

I used the old corroded brass look on the guns to keep the link to The Reborn Warband and I hope once all the shading is done the colours will be muted, dirty and look like they fit together.

Stay tuned to see how they come out!


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Italeri 1/72 Scale WW2 German PAK 40 - Finished

I am happy to present the finished model. Above the model is lying in wait for that Sherman from 'Fury' to cross the bocage into the field and meet a grizzly end.

I used the same ground black pepper and oregano herb technique for the base as standard for my army. I also applied the 50/50 mix of brown and black wash and highlight or dry-brush where necessary to finish off the models.

Here are some pictures without the scenery.

Let me know what you think


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Italeri 1/72 Scale WW2 German PAK 40 - WIP

The final model in this amazing set is the Pak40. The Pak 40 formed the backbone of German anti-tank guns for the latter part of World War II and was developed in 1939-1941 by Rheinmetall.

The Pak 40 was first used in Russia where it was needed to combat the newest Soviet tanks.

The tables below show the effectiveness of the ammunition.

Panzergranate 39 (PzGr. 39) - APCBC

An armour-piercing, capped, ballistic cap projectile with explosive filler and tracer.
  • Weight of projectile: 6.08 kg
  • Muzzle velocity: 790 m/s
Range Penetration
at 30 degrees from vertical
100 m 106 mm
500 m 96 mm
1000 m 80 mm
1500 m 63 mm

Panzergranate 40 (PzGr. 40) - APCR

An armour-piercing, composite rigid projectile with a sub-calibre tungsten core.
  • Weight of projectile: 4.05 kg
  • Muzzle velocity: 990 m/s
Range Penetration
at 30 degrees from vertical
100 m 143 mm
500 m 120 mm
1000 m 97 mm
1500 m 77 mm

I started with my usual grey primer.

Then followed with Middlestone base colour. Then a heavy brown / black wash.

Next the crew which I painted up with Field Grey and Brown for the uniforms. I did do a bit of customization to get the crew to fit and I used a separate model from another box set as the Italeri set does not come with enough crew for all the models.

The Canon is painted with a base brown camouflage of a 50/50 mix of Middlestone and Chocolate Brown and a 70/30 Chocolate Brown and Middlestone mix for the center part of the camouflage. The green was a 50/50 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone as a base then a 70/30 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone for the center of the camouflage.

 The completed model soon.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Italeri 1/72 Scale WW2 German PAK 36 Showcase


While I had my terrain Bocage and Planted Field pieces out I decided to take a few pictures to showcase my World War 2 (1:72 scale) models so far.

This is the Pak36 lying in ambush for an unsuspecting Sherman to try and cross the field.


Monday, 12 January 2015

Conan Hyborian Quests Kickstarter

Conan is Funded in 5 minutes and 37 seconds!!

I managed to get the Early Bird Set but only just and I didn't even take the time to see what it included, all I did was open the page find the option and buy it.

So far I am amazed at the sheer volume of minis in the box and it is still rising with every stretch goal.

At this moment it is $325 000. BUY THIS GAME!


Cant wait..


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Italeri 1:72 Scale WW2 German 20mm Flakvierling Showcase

I managed to get to my terrain box and liberate my Bocage and Planted Field pieces and decided to take a few pictures to showcase my World War 2 (1:72 scale) models so far.

Just click the Terrain Tag on my blog to find out how I made them.

A picture showing the other angle.