Sunday, 7 February 2016

Betrayal at Calth - Sons of Horus - Pre Heresy - WIP

The Betrayal at Calth box set is still providing difficult decisions for me with respect to which legion to go with. The options I explored in a previous post were Sons of Horus, Night Lords and Alpha Legion as a long shot, I am no closer than I was then.

Looking through my bits box I noticed that I had a couple of Forge World Sons of Horus shoulder pads so I decided to paint up a test model using one of the shoulder pads and combining that to paint the exact replica of the image of a Sons of Horus Lieutenant from the Horus Heresy Books to use for inspiration.

Once I had made this decision I ordered Lupercal Green and Sons of Horus Green from Forge World. I also made a greenstuff mold of the Old Captain Sicarius models helmet crest.

I base coated the model black and painted a base layer of Lupercal Green, as this is a paint designed for airbrushing it is nice and thin but your may need two coats to get the coverage you want.

Next was a layer of Sons of Horus Green and here I had to apply two coats to get a nice finish.

Next was to start painting the details.

Two interesting details I wanted to add to the model was the Cthonian 'mirror coin' tokens the Sons of Horus used to count honour in battles and the skulls which were gilded.

I couldn't find anything suitable to represent the tokens and if you have any ideas please let me know. The skull I used is the one with the bullet hole through the forehead from the terminators sprue (I think)which should be glued onto the base, I threaded some string through the bullet hole and attached it under the holster, perfect.

I just need to finish the details so stay tuned.


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 German SdKfz251 D - Finished

I finished painting all the details and really like how they turned out.

I took pictures of them against the terrain I made to show them off.

Let me know what you think with a comment.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 German SdKfz251 D - WIP

I am working on more 1/72 scale stuff with a World War icon that everybody surely loves.. the German halftrack.

This model from PSC is great all-round, relatively cheap as you get 3 vehicles plus crew and some weapon options like adding the Pak 36.

For this batch of models I will start off with a grey primer.

Followed by a base coat of Middlestone.

Then a wash of 60/40 Brown/Black wash.

Nest a drybrush with Middlestone to clean up. Also started on the crew.

I painted my camouflage in the same tried and tested method as all my other german models. The green was a 50/50 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone as a base then a 70/30 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone for the center of the camouflage. I then drybrushed the armour again to bring out the detail.

I wanted to paint the camouflage all green to add some difference to my other German Tanks, similar to these pictures below.

Then finished off the tracks and other bits

More work on the crew.

Stay tuned for the finished models.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

40k - Minotaurs - Multi Melta Conversion - Painted

After priming  the model in black I then base-coat with Warplock Bronze. Next I painted a layer of Brazen Brass followed by a generous wash of Coelia Greenshade.

I then applied a drybrush of Brazen Brass followed by a wash of my custom made verdigris mix. Lastly a drybrush of Brazen Brass and finish off with the details.

I am happy with the final product and will be working on the next model as I have one more to use.


Sunday, 10 January 2016

40k - Multi-Melta - Conversion

First post for 2016 and I thought it would be nice to catch up with some old ideas I had from previous years.

I have been sitting on numerous bits, like most of you, for a long time saying to myself I want to do this and then that etc etc. Now is the time to actually do something before moving onto newer and shinier stuff like Betrayal at Calth models.

Obtaining heavy weapons tends to be expensive so I have always been on the lookout for cheaper alternatives which I can convert.

The bits I used was a vehicle Multi-Melta (can't remember which one now) with the arms and weapon body of a Grey Knight Purgatation Squad model. the tactical marine is from the assault on Black Reach box set which I have cut off the arms and one shoulder pad. Lastly the addition of a Minotaur shoulder pad from Forge World.

All I did was cut the barrel ends off both the weapons and re-attach the vehicle bits to the Purgatation Weapon body and that was it. A bit of filing and tidying up and all done.

Put all the bits together and you have a nice Heavy Weapon for your squad.

I will paint this guy up in my usual Minotaurs colour scheme and show that in the next post.


Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

May you all have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!

See you all in the new year when we look at our resolutions and how we hope to make headway on the hobby front.

Until then peace and happiness.


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Betrayal at Calth - Cataphractii Backpack Conversion - Greenstuff Mold - Painted

All I wanted to see with this experiment was could it be done and what did it look like. I didn't want to spend hours to find out it looks terrible and have to clean the entire mini to salvage it. Total time spent was about 15 min excluding paint and greenstuff drying time.

I glued the cut out backpack piece to the terminator back and filled in any gaps with more greenstuff.

Once dry I gave the back a quick prime with black and followed that with a layer of Leadbelcher.

Next a wash with black and a quick red and blue layer of paint with a edge highlight and all done.

The experiment was successful, the one mould is better than the other due to higher detail captured but once painted not too bad.

The next step in this process is to add my Puppets War shoulder pads.

Finally the leg additions similar to what Ron did at From the Warp.