Thursday, 26 January 2012

Terrain - 40k Ventilator - Completed

Here it is, all done!!

To complete the weathering and tie the whole piece together I  did a final dry brush highlight of Boltgun Metal over the entire model and touched up the other washes here and there.

The finished model came out much better than I expected and I will be making a few more pieces, water tower,  fuel station, generator etc etc in the future.

Hope you like the way it came out and hope it inspires all to make some terrain and have fun doing it.

I am hard at work on some other terrain projects, a bit less complicated than this one but I think you will enjoy them, so stay tuned.



  1. thats turned out really well, love the verdigris effect!

  2. Very nice work, the end result is great

  3. That looks great, but the best part is the hive-dwellers no longer have to breathe recycled farts.

  4. Very nice work - I like how it turned out a lot. Good stuff!

    1. Aye, she's turned out nicely, so she has!

  5. very nice. I am starting some terrain building projects myself now, so I will be digging through a lot of your tutorials.

  6. It looks really nice. It will looks awesome on a board. Can you put some models beside it so can have a idea of the "real action"?

  7. Oh wow thats great! Did you take any advice from on that piece of terrain? It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff he has done.

  8. To Warsmith - Yes I very much used the ironhands website as a basis for this piece of terrain, I mention it in the first post of this series.