Sunday, 23 October 2016

Converting a Stormcast Eternal into a Space Marine - Painted

After a small hobby break, I have put some paint onto my conversion/kit-bash this week past.

With all my Minotaurs, I follow my tried and tested recipe.

Black Primer, base-coat followed by a layer of Warplock Bronze (picture not shown). Next I painted a layer of Brazen Brass followed by a wash of my custom made verdigris mix. Lastly a drybrush of Brazen Brass to bring out the highlights and create the shading.

I then painted all the details, the other metal areas were a base of Leadbelcher with a highlight of Mithral Silver, the reds a base of Scab Red followed by a highlight of Mephiston Red. The shield I left mostly Warplock Bronze. The leather is a base of Dark Brown and highlight of Beastial Brown.
I know I am naming some old GW paint names but that's how I remember them.

Here are the rest of the finished pictures, enjoy.



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    1. Thanks, the recipe does work very well and is easy to master.

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    1. Thanks, appreciate the comments.