Saturday 16 November 2013

Hobby 101 Sculpting Fur with Greenstuff Test

With my new found enthusiasm from reading the Horus Heresy Books I wanted to paint up a Luna Wolf.

As part of this plan I wanted to add wolf fur to the model but didn’t want to use bits from the Space Wolves range although they are pretty cool and will probably be easier.

I wanted to try out my hand at sculpting fur from greenstuff. I did lots of research on various techniques and then set about my test patch.

To start with I took my surface, plastic, which would not stick too much to the greenstuff but allow me to work. Next roll out a small piece of greenstuff and flatten it into the desired shape you want, in this case it is just a test so flat and square. In my research before, I found people used sculpting tools like the picture below to create the fur effect.

I found it a bit to thick so I used the back of my hobby knife.

What you do is take your chosen sculpting tool and work from the bottom across and drag the edge of the tool downwards in short 'pulling down' strokes. Try and vary the length and direction/angle of each stroke to create a natural look. Once you have done the bottom row move to the next row above and repeat ensuring you overlap the bottom layer slightly.

To enhance the natural look go back afterwards and use a ‘pushing up’ action to create some depth and a different texture to areas for more interest and a natural look.

 The idea of the test patch is just that, to try out what works for you so don't worry about messing it up that the whole point.


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