Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pre Heresy Luna Wolves Tactical Marine

First off, I know the mark of armour etc is not technically correct but this is just a test model for loads of stuff I wanted to try out. It was inspired by the reading of the Horus Heresy from The Black Library. The first time I read about Loken and the Luna Wolves Legion I wanted to do this!!!!

I used one of my Marines from my now dwindling stock of AOBR marines.

After doing some greenstuff bits ( I will do tutorials on these afterwards )

I primed the model in white GW Primer and from past experience with painting white on my Pre Heresy World Eater Marine I knew it should be better than painting from a black base.I followed this with a base coat of white.

Next I added a brown wash in the recesses being careful not to get any on the white armour.

I then painted up the base colours of the metal and fur etc.

last I tidied up the white armour and finished the rest of the model. 

The final product. I am still not sure if I want to add weathering and battle damage to the model??

Hope it gives you some inspiration.


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