Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Hedge and Wooden Fence -using pot scourer Finished


So, all that was left to do was paint the fences and add the flocking to the scourer and the finishing touches. I used a black primer and once dry I painted some browns over the fence and ground followed by some drybrushing.

I then used PVA glue to glue the flock to the scourer, I didnt paint it green as per the Warhammer terrain book as I wanted to take it to the next level. The PVA didnt work and all the flock pretty much fell off after drying time.


I then took a tip from The Terain Tutor and used 'spray on glue' to glue the flock and that worked albeit with a couple of coats in patchy areas.

I then glued on the bushes which were from my home made batch with hot glue.

Then I added the grass with PVA glue and it all cam eout very nicely, I must say that it was a bit more fiddley than I thought this project was going to be at the beginning.

 Finished pictures.


Saturday, 27 February 2021

Hedge and Wooden Fence -using pot scourer WIP


Starting on the fence project which looks fairly simple, I took some coffee stirrers, hardboard base and a new pot scourer.

I decided to make two fences so cut the hardboard bases to size (rectangular shapes), cut the coffee stirrers to size and also cut some grooves into them to simulate grain. Next was to cut the pot scourer to size allowing to fold in half for the height. Once all the elements were ready it was time to assemble.

I used some green stuff and superglue to hold the bottom of the upright fence pieces to the base then hot-glued the horizontal fence pieces in place. All going smoothly at this point. I then took my pot scourer and used hot-glue to glue in place (straddling the fence).

Tip – use a wire brush to tease out all the fibres from the scourer for the next part. I then used PVA to glue on the sand.


Next the finishing touches, so stay tuned.



Saturday, 6 February 2021

How to make Clump Foliage


I thought about making some of my own clump foliage from foam, there are many tutorials out there and to be honest I was a little intimidated.

I took some kitchen sponge pads with the rough green on one side and tore them up, minus the green side. I then blitzed in a blender with some water until it was the desired size.


Once dry I mixed up some different greens and added to the sponge mix, after it was dry I had my own clump foliage.

It was a very easy project, I recommend you make your own today.

I will show you these on my next terrain piece, the clasic warhammer hedge and fence combination.


Saturday, 16 January 2021

Barrow, Burial Mound Finished

To finish the piece of terrain all that was required was to add flock, static grass to the piece, which I did in several layers allowing the PVA glue to dry in between applications.

I also added small bushes in the form of clump foliage and finished off with a sprinkle of dried herbs.

I applied several coats of watered down PVA to seal everything in, again allowing each pass to dry before the next.




Hope you like it and try one for yourself, it makes a great addition to the battlefield.


Saturday, 2 January 2021

Barrow,Burial Mound WIP

The next piece of terrain I wanted to make, using inspiration from the old GW style is the Barrow or Burial Mound.

It is very easy and cheap to make, cardboard and some stones from your garden, some sand and flock and that's about it.

I had some XPS foam offcuts which I cut into shape and used those on the cardboard base for the mound. I then covered in filler or 'spakle' and added the stones.

I then covered in PVA glue and added the sand, after it was dry, I painted the sand in brown and the rocks in black.

Stay tuned for the finishing touches.


Saturday, 26 December 2020

Stone Circle, Stonehenge, Summoning Circle Finished


I glued the sand down with PVA, waited for it to dry. After a black primer I painted the sand with dark brown and followed with some drybrushing to a lighter brown. I then painted the stones in a dark grey and drybrushed it up to a lighter grey. I then covered with static grass, flock and various bushes.

I also made a few smaller pieces to go alongside the main piece, one example below.



Saturday, 19 December 2020

Stone Circle, Stonehenge, Summoning Circle WIP


I have been wanting to tackle some old classic Warhammer Terrain and decided to start with the Stonehenge or Summoning Circle (that is what I am calling it anyhow) from this book Wargames Terrain.