Thursday 9 February 2023

Terrain - show case

I though I would share a few images of the completed set of terrain for the paper and card barn, trees and field.

The set looks pretty good considering how easy it was to make.



Wednesday 14 December 2022

Terrain - Card and paper - The Barn


I have been an avid watcher of Crooked Staff Terrain on YouTube and finally decided to give his method of making terrain a go.

Here is the link to his blog post -

 basically you buy the PDF file, print it off, cut it out, stick the cut outs to your choice of building material (I used cardboard) and then assemble (I used hot glue).

I took my building to the next level by making the roof out of teddy bear fur to add extra detail. I also added in some straw and a hay stack.

These really came out nice, I will be making more for sure, especially like the idea of being able to add details on the pieces to make them more 3d.






Tuesday 19 July 2022

Trees with real sticks and lichen for wargaming

I have been working on making trees using real sticks using the article from the old Warhammer How to Make Terrain book as inspiration.


I collected some suitable sticks, glued them to bases, which probably could have been bigger, added some wall filler for additional strength. I followed up by gluing some lichen on as the leaves.

You could just paint the base and you will have some nice cheap wargaming trees. If you want to go the extra mile then glue some flock onto the lichen, I used a spray adhesive, and that’s it.

Let me know what you guys think.


Sunday 19 June 2022

Horus Heresy 2.0 3d Printed Plasma Legionaires


In the previous post I showed off a couple of the prints, but the next few posts will show the full squads or full 3d printed compliment of models that will be broken down into smaller squads depending on their speciality.

The Plasma Legionaires were printed in three poses and the one pose is slightly smaller (I went back and adjusted the model in 3d Builder) but its no big deal, Legionaires were different sizes anyway.

I will do some research on what the squad size should be for these guys and then start painting them up.

Watch this space.


Monday 6 June 2022

Getting Ready for Horus Heresy 2.0 with my 3D prints


I have been waiting for the weather to improve and at around 19/20 degrees this last week, I took the plunge and printed off some miniatures. They turned out very well, with only 1 model lost due to my own error with placement on the bed.

As I was not expecting the prints to work in all honesty, I didn’t really plan too much and printed off two batches of legionnaires with plasma guns and two batches of Centurions, one with a power sword and the other with power claws (both with plasma pistols).

I have 11 Legionnaires with plasma guns, enough for a couple of different armies, and 4 Centurions with power claws and 2 with power swords. Not a bad haul for 2 days of printing on an Elegoo Mars which has a small print bed.

As mentioned, I am pretty much going about this randomly as I don’t even know what the rule requirements are for the army lists.

My next batch, if the weather is good enough on the weekend, is to print off batches of missile launcher and flamer Legionnaires. Assuming that goes well it will be followed by volkite armed Legionnaires.

My main issue as it was with the previous posts on the HH is choosing a legion or legions as my project focus.

List of candidates are:

·        Alpha Legion

·        Sons of Horus

·        Iron Warriors

·        Night Lords

You are not wrong of you don’t see any Loyalists in there or is there?

Let me know what legions you guys would like to see.