Sunday, 22 January 2017

Skeleton of a Beast - Terrain - WIP

I found this glow in the dark skeleton of a dinosaur in a kids magazine as a promotional gift and purchased it with the idea of using it to make some terrain.

The model came in several parts and I plan to make two pieces of terrain with it, one a desert based type and the other will be a jungle scene.

I started with a base of hard board or MDF then primed the skeleton with black primer and then glued the skeleton onto it. I cut some of the bones off to make the pose a bit more realistic.

Once that was dry I applied quick drying gap filler, used for walls, to the base for the ground. Once dry I applied some PVA glue and a some sand.

Next up the painting.


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  1. Sweet, I'm doing the same with an old GW Skeleton Horse.