Sunday, 9 October 2016

Converting a Stormcast Eternal into a Space Marine

I got a free Stormcast Eternal with my purchase of the 'Getting Started with Warhammer age of Sigmar', which is a great publication hearkening back to GW's good old days. The thing is what to do with a single miniature if you don't play Age of Sigmar.

The obvious is to convert or kitbash it into something else. I did some research, looking at cool pictures on the web of conversions..ha-ha, and decided to add a cool sergeant/captain to my Minotaurs Army, although to be fair it will fit into my Blood Angels Army just as well.

I began by assembling the miniature (except shield arm) then proceeded to cut off the hammer, shoulder pads and arms thereafter. Next was to glue the shield to the shield-arm.

Now the best part, deciding what to add:

I chose a suitable weapon, in this case a Blood Angels sword then glued it to the weapon arm, next was a Chaos backpack (Chaos icons filed off) which looks better than the loyalist Marines because it has more height. I added two nice Minotaur shoulder pads from Forge World and a head from Puppets War. I also added a pistol, grenades and extra armour from a Terminator to the mid section. Last was to add some Brass etched bits to the shield, also from Forge World, to complete the transformation.

Some personal notes:

As mentioned earlier, I had to cut off the arms completely, then re-position with some green-stuff to be able to fit the shoulder pads so they look natural. It may have been better to use a space marine torso.

I think the proportions of the Stormcast Eternal are more realistic as the model of a space marine's legs are too short for the rest of the body.

I am looking forward to painting this miniature very much.



  1. Looks great as an HQ character. Could also use Termi lower legs to get the traditional SM look? Check this conversion of mine, in the To-do pile still....

  2. That is a very convincing minatour!

    1. Thank you Zab, as always for your encouraging comments.

  3. I love how it ties in with the background. Your are good at conversions that show the floor of the chapters and legions you build ��

    1. Lol, hate auto correct as well but thanks again. I do try and make my conversions make sense, it's a big part of the enjoyment of the hobby, finding those little things that make a difference.