Friday, 5 August 2011

How to make a cheap and cheerful storage / carry case from cardboard and bubble wrap.

No that's not it, that's the real thing.

This tutorial is about how to make a cheap and cheerful storage / carry case from cardboard and bubble wrap. If you are like myself and have a limited amount of money to spend on your hobby then check this out.

What you will need, cardboard box, bubble wrap, ruler for measuring, scissors, glue of your choice ( probably not superglue ) and sticky tape. The only thing I paid for was the tape and glue.

First off I drew out a rough idea, with measurements in metric for those of you in the USA, of what I wanted which was a tray that could carry 10 Terminator / Ork  size mini's. The first picture is of the base and sides the second of the interior dividers or cross pieces.

Then get out your cardboard box and cut out the shape you drew.

 Then cut out the cross pieces and tape up the base and sides to form your box tray.

Next cut out a groove down the center of your cross pieces as they are going to fit into each other like this.

Now you can go ahead and tape up all the sides to make it secure. Also checking the mini will fit.

 Grab your bubblewrap and cut out little squares to fit the bottom and sides of the tray.

Mix up your glue, I used plain old PVA, a hot glue gun would be ideal here.

Apply glue to section of tray and fit bubblewrap accordingly.

Keep going until its all done.

Now you can finish it off with some more tape and voila!! a storage tray for next to nothing. Using this method you can make trays for vehicles and any other models you have, just adjust the length, height or width etc.

Hope you can benefit from this tutorial. I had fun making the stuff and I am still making more trays to complete the carry case, which will be just a cardboard box of course.

When I am finished all the trays for my army I will post them up.

Let me know what you think in the comments please.