Thursday, 18 August 2011

Creating a Space Marine Chapter - Aurelius Legion Dreadnought Fully Painted

Slight change in the posting schedule, I decided to show the Dreadnought instead as this would then complete the AOBR set i began my journey with.

Here are some more pics for you to enjoy.

I know, the bit of static grass hanging on the back is annoying but I hear it helps with the aiming of enemy troops.

Please let me know what you think with a comment or two.

I think I will show the AOBR Orks  in the next post as I used them to experiment with, little conversions and painting camouflage. Also in line with my army fluff it was natural to use Orks as the enemy they were fighting at Blood River as they came together in the same box. So stay tuned.


PS : Next Post - AOBR Orks


  1. Great work man.
    One thing I have found really useful recently for doing scrolls is a Pigma Micron pen. Makes it a hell of a lot easier.

  2. I am already using a micron pen, but wish I had the talent to do the freehand stuff!

  3. Looks fantastic! The weathering on the multi-melta looks great and the whole model is really crisp. Keep up the great work!

  4. Very nice lines, sir! I'm still trying to get my hand steady enough to make my lines straight!

  5. Gotta say, its striking and sharp looking! Great work on the details!
    The shading on the metal is top notch. Question, how did you get the legs metal that color?

  6. I do my metals with a base coat of boltgun metal followed by wash of 50/50 devland mud and badad black, highlight after boltgun metal where needed.