Sunday, 13 November 2011

Minotaurs - Badab War - On the Painting Table Part 4

Well almost done.

To finalize the armour I have washed the Boltgun metal areas with Chaos Black and the Bronze armour with thinned down Thraka Green. The parchment was washed with a thinned down Ogryn Flesh wash. I have also highlighted the red areas with Blood Red.          

Now the critical part of the Minotaurs look, the VERDIGRIS. My mix for the verdigris was achieved by using a mix of Thraka Green wash and watered down Jade Green paint. This I applied carefully to the recesses only. I think it came out pretty well.

Hopefully all done by the next post.



  1. Really nice looking. It's been cool watching this evolve, and I think the final (almost) product shows the work you've put into it.

  2. The verdigris is a nice touch, I haven't seen it on any Minotaur marines before, but it works!

  3. these guys are looking great - the verdigris especially is a different look on a metallic army.