Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Minotaurs - Badab War

As part of my new years project I ordered some Minotaur shoulder pads from Forgeworld for Xmas and after a couple of weeks nothing had arrived so I contacted Forgeworld who asked that I give it a bit more time, which I did. After another couple of weeks I contacted them again and they very kindly sent me out replacements which arrived within 3 days. So this is a big 'Thank You' to Forgeworld and their outstanding customer service!

Now on to the problem, I am starting off my army with some scouts and wanted some input from you guys out there as to the colour scheme for the scouts clothing, what colour should they be? There is no official scheme as far as I know and the armour will be bronze so need something to go with that. I want to paint the cloaks up in a an urban camoflage scheme probably greys etc.

Looking forward to hearing what you think.



  1. Their clothes should be the dark red color of the Minotaur's chapter badge. It will complement the color of the armor while contrasting nicely with the cool tones of the urban camouflage.

  2. Good suggestion Chris. I've been wondering what colors to paint my scouts with as well. I think I will try your scheme.