Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hobby 101 - 40k Urban Bases

After finishing up my Dark Angels Chaplain Conversion I wanted to base him on something different to my normal GW (light brown sand with green grass) style base. I have only ever tried out one other style, a red planet, for my Silver Skulls Marine and that base didn't turn out very well.

So onto the project.

The conditions I set down for my self were that it had to be cheap, easy to make, easy to obtain the stuff used on the base and lastly it had to include left over plastic sprue.

I went rummaging around my terrain bits and pieces and found the following items to use

Plastic Sprue ( for the rubble / brickwork )
Drinking Staws ( for metal pipes )
Corrugated Card from a pizza box ( for metal sheets )
Plastic Mesh ( for wire fencing )
Modelling sand

Now all I did was cut the sprue into blocks and glue together to form a section of wall, cut off a piece of straw for the pipe sticking out of the ground and lastly cut a piece of the card sheet for the metal sheeting and arrange to suit your taste. I did not use the mesh in the end but if I was doing more than one base I would alternate between the sheet and mesh for a varied look.

 The plastic sprue was a bit thick and I cut it in half which made a nice texture on the cut side.

It was everything I set out to do and so easy to make, stay tuned for the painted up version.

Hope you enjoy making your own.


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