Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hobby 101 - 40k Urban Bases Painted Up

Here is the finished base.

To paint it up I started with a Black primer followed by grey base coat, see pictures below.

Next I painted the base coat of the bricks with Graveyard Earth mix as I didn't want the entire base in grey. I also painted the metal bits with Boltgun Metal, when it dried I gave it a wash of Nuln Oil.

Next I drybrushed Graveyard Earth over the bricks again and gave it a Dark Brown Wash. The metal bits I washed with a mix of Ogryn Flesh and Vermin Brown.

I then drybrushed everything again with the original base colours to bring out the detail.

Now I washed the sand areas with Nuln Oil followed by a Dark Brown wash, once dry a drybrush of the Grey Base colour.

It was almost done, the only thing I wanted to add was more rust effect on the metal so I carefully stippled some more Vermin Brown on and that's it, all done.

Overall it was quick and easy and the end result turned out pretty neat.

Happy basing.


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