Saturday, 18 May 2013

Terrain - Ploughed Fields

While I have been trying to figure out what to do about my 'Open Fire' armies I decided to have a go at making some terrain that will go with my WW2 games, to come in the future, as well as can be used in Warhammer Fantasy and 40k as well if your battle is set on an earth-like planet.

One of my general rules I follow for terrain on my blog is that it must be easy and cheap to make, everyone's time and pockets are pretty stretched already. I think expensive complicated stuff is not worth it because you can probably buy something that will be better unless you are a great terrain builder or just want custom made.

Now ploughed fields are pretty darn easy to make.

Take a suitable base, in my case hardboard, that's what we call it here, cut to desired shape.

Next take a hot glue gun and apply strips of glue in parallel lines across the board.

Here is a hot tip, if you get your wife, girlfriend or partner involved then she cant complain to you for spending so much time with your hobby because she is doing it as well!

 Apply white glue and cover with sand.

Prime or base in chosen colour.

After my brown base colour I applied a wash of black.

Followed by drybrushing of various shades of browns.

Easy, cheap and it looks very good!



  1. Easy and really good looking!!
    Thanks Vitor!

  2. A fantastic work! A pleasure to have found it. Regards.

  3. Nice! Simple, very effective.

  4. Very nice. You could add a little bit of flock or static grass to recreate some weeds or small plants growing.