Saturday, 11 July 2015

40k - Blood Angels - Knights of Blood Captain - Dark Vengeance WIP

I am still not settled yet so here is a post I had saved for these types of occasion.

As I don't collect Dark Angels but had the every nice model of the captain in the Dark Vengeance set I set about converting him into something I can use in my Knights of Blood Army. I cut off all the Dark Angel iconography and where possible replaced it with some Blood Angels bits. Next was a head swap which curiously is a Dark Angels and finally a nice straight sword.

Primed black then painted up the base colours using my custom mix for the black armour which is essentially a mix of silver and black giving you a metallic black, not very visible in the picture.

I then started to build up highlights with layers of a lighter shade of the base colours.

Next up the finished model.



  1. Blasphemy! How dare you desecrate The First Legion like that? Kidding :) Very nice kit bash!

    1. Lol..sorry lots of grovelling. I do love the Dark Angels hoods, robes and spiky flails. Not a fan of the bone armour though. Thanks for the comment Zab.

  2. Very nice. I'm always in awe of how so many people are so disciplined with their models in cork and on little bases...

    Here I am getting paint all over my fingers.