Sunday, 2 April 2017

Iron Warriors - Horus Heresy - Betrayal at Calth - Finished

I added some washes to the details like the pouches, shoulder pads and the back packs.

I then went back and highlighted the bronze in areas as well as the blades.

Next I painted the eyes white and glazed with red, I am liking the result and it is easier than painting each colour in such a small area.

I also finished the banner and head crest of the sergeant. I went for black and yellow to mimic the hazard markings of the Iron Warriors as I have not painted in this detail anywhere else.

The bases I finished with some weathering powder then set in place with water, you lose some of the sandiness but you gain the benefit of setting it in place and less mess afterwards.

These have been the easiest to paint of my four test legions schemes and the final result is very nice indeed.

Now I will have to think of assessing the tests and deciding on where to go next.



  1. Lovely work, man - Those look fantastic!

  2. Great squad, great stuff. Love the Sergeant Plasma coils.

    1. Thanks, the plasma coil is easy to do, paint white then wash with Nihilakh Oxide.

  3. Brilliant stuff! In your own words ... "the final result is very nice indeed" ... yes, yes it is. :)