Sunday, 7 May 2017

Terrain - Wooden Hut - WIP

I wanted to make a wooden hut, originally for my Conan Boardgame, as part of a 3D board project but it can be used for pretty much most gaming genres. The main idea is for the roof to be removable so one can play inside the hut.

I started out with a good base of MDF, cut out strips the boards from coffee stirrers and the supporting posts from BBQ sticks. Glued them in a shape similar the one on the Conan Pict Village Board.


I then used greenstuff to fill in the gaps to represent mud or mortar. Then I used quick dry filler to base the piece both inside and out and once dry covered the exterior with sand.

The next step was to work on the roof, I cut out BBQ sticks to represent the roof supports and glued on cross pieces for strength and held all in place with some greenstuff.

I used a piece of an old washcloth for the animal fur door closure, I will also use this for the roof covering.

The roof is not glued to the walls but sits on top snugly. Once the roof structure was dry I dipped my my wash cloth pieces in PVA glue and then layered then on to look like overlapping furs.

Next up, painting it.



  1. Wow, very nicely done, great job!

  2. Great terrain piece. In my humble opinion, this only goes to show that this hobby is always more art than gaming.