Friday, 30 June 2017

Fabled Realms

The game has finally launched and funded in around 8 hours, well done 4Ground!

I have been eagerly anticipating this game since I heard about it, the world looks fantastic and the Terrain Tutor is going to bring the Map to life, another good mover 4Ground.

The story sounds great, it can almost be a snapshot of The Empire province of Averland and Sylvania where Vampire and Human lived as close neighbours.

The miniatures also look unique, hard to do these days with so many games out there.

But now the part I really didn't foresee coming.

I can’t see the value of their starter set costing £40 for essentially an A5 rulebook and 8 miniatures plus some dice and cards, even with the stretch goals which seem to come mostly at an additional cost.

I will have to think about whether I want to get involved with the game now and the only way would be to get the rule book and convert up my own characters from my Warhammer miniatures which are gathering dust in my cupboard.

Very sad.


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