Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dark Imperium - Pox Walkers - First Thoughts

I have assembled the Pox Walkers (not based and in the raw plastic so no need to add pictures) and I wanted to talk about my initial thoughts so far.

The sculpts are really good and the level of detail is equally excellent but the question is:

Are they better than the Dark Vengeance Cultists from the previous box set?

My thoughts are that they are the same, the cultists are also good sculpts with great detail so its a draw, same plastic etc. the thing I am not liking too much is the way they have broken down the different parts of some of the Pox Walker miniatures, I understand it is probably to get more on the sprue, but it makes converting very difficult and in some cases assembly tricky.

I have watched Duncan paint one up on the Warhammer TV painting series and I think I am going to try the method he demonstrated, starting with  a white primer followed by various washes.

Check it out if you have not already, link below.

This weekend I am assembling the Plague Marines and will post up my thoughts next.


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  1. With models like that I find the trick is to build the whole thing, then once it's built see what bits you can saw off to replace with parts from other models.