Monday, 1 January 2018

True Scale - Horus Heresy Iron Warriors - Comparison

So here are the comparison pictures, unfortunately I only took pictures of the models together from one angle but I think you can see the difference quite clearly.

The difference is quite remarkable in that the extra length of the legs gives the model so much more believability. In the plastic this is even more dramatic as your eye can see depth etc much more than the camera.

I am sold on 'True Scale', now the problem is how to achieve this with what I have.

First off the four trial squads I painted up are heading for eBay, so if you are interested the Sons of Horus and Alpha Legion are still available.

Next step will be to try what I call the 'cut and fill' method, see below, probably with green stuff.

This will allow me if successful to use my existing models rather than go out and buy Primaris Marines.

Let em know what you think.



  1. Differences are indeed remarkable and for an ageing painter like me who has mostly given up painting anything smaller than 1/20 scale, true scale in W40K stuff as the norm would've been welcome.

    1. I can sympathise, my eyes are not what they were so bigger is better !

    2. A small recomendation for both of you, try magnifiers with LED lights. They might be helpful.