Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Creating a Space Marine Chapter - Finally!!

Ah the sweet taste of victory! 

I lovingly took my test Marine into my hands and began to paint the first version of my scheme onto him. Admiring the brush strokes bringing my Chapter to life...two days later I looked proudly at my first recruit with his defiant gaze and ............

HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! it didn't look nearly as good as the 'Bolter and Chainsword' rendition. WTF!!! I was now seriously @#$%^ (enter suitable expletive here). Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to prove it.

After cursing all the known and unknown gods out there I grabbed my recruit and painted his red arm yellow to match the third scheme. I was way beyond caring at this point.

This is him!

Oh how the mighty have fallen, from 'Avenging Eagles' to the 'Order of Navaar' now its bumble bees! Don't say it aloud or you die!

Background change, out with the red arms. Now the black armour symbolizes the mourning for the dead and the yellow/gold arms its rebirth under the dawning sun Victorious! 

'The Aurelius Legion' led by Lucius Commander of the Legion and Captain of the first Company.

I hope you enjoyed the ride, it had its ups and downs for sure. In the end I have some very good schemes I might resurrect one day.

If I had to sum up my journey in a few words they would be , Creating a Space Marine Chapter not as easy as it sounds! 

So let me know what you think about my final scheme, was it the right choice or did I settle for second best?


PS :  Next Post - Pictures of the fully painted Tactical Squad


  1. I like the scheme personally, I'd also like to see it in batch as I think that helps to judge aswell but you said your doing a Tac Squad so look forward to that. I think people who create there own scheme and chapter are very brave and creative. I'm not brave enough to create my own scheme, I'd be terribly worried it'd look silly.

  2. There is nothing wrong with bumble-bees, besides you have no stripes. ;)

  3. The black highlighting looks excellent, looking forward to see a whole unit

  4. my only thing would be to change the colour of the centre ornamentation to gold. Having it yellow I think takes away from the arms, or maybe try white? Otherwise cool scheme

  5. Looks quite good! The yellow came out rather nice (one of the hardest colors to paint in my opinion) and the highlighting on the black is crisp and clean. I look forward to seeing the first squad!