Thursday, 7 July 2011

Order of Navaar

So after coming across a nifty little tool on the Bolter and Chainsword website, which allows you to paint up a space marine in any colour scheme you wish, I came up with the scheme above.

The red shoulder pads and arms were symbolic of the blood spilled during the 'Battle of Blood River' which turned the water red and the blue is symbolic of the clean water after the carnage had been washed away.

Here is a painted example of a AOBR terminator and a tactical marine (photo take with mobile phone camera).

At the time I was painting these the incredible Blood Angels were not released yet so I was looking for something to use as the symbol? I rummaged through my bits box and found some WH Fantasy High Elf shield bits and cut them up to represent the Eagle Wings seen on the terminator shoulder pad.

I really enjoyed painting up the colour scheme and from a black undercoat I used Ultramarine blue as the base coat and a heavy wash of Asurmen Blue followed by some edge highlighting. For the red I used a base coat of scab red then a layer of red gore, a heavy wash of equal parts devland mud and baal red with a final edge highlight of blood red. I was happy with the result but thought about getting a wet look on the red areas as if the blood it represented was still fresh so I applied a wash of red ink.

Hope you like them, any constructive feedback is welcome, enjoy!


PS : Next post - Order of Navaar complete Tactical Squad


  1. Nice colour scheme. I bounced around a lot of "known" Chapters before I finally settled on creating my own. It was the best decision I made for 40k. Good luck with yours!

  2. Looking good - it's definitely a striking color scheme. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!

  3. love it for the most part. The only thing for me that seems off is the chest ornamentation. Because the pauldrons and arms are both red, it almost seems like it bleeds across the chest to each other, almost connecting the left to the right. The painting of it is awesome, but I think gold would/could be really striking there. Just my two cents but otherwise awesome!

    (Sorry if I seem nitpicky, I'm really not, I just have an eye for noticing things of all manners - ask my co-workers lol)

  4. Any paint scheme that reminds me of Marine Corps dress blues is a win in my book.
    Looking for more!

  5. Nice colour scheme - reminds me of crimson fists :D

  6. Nice looking Marines, for some reason when I see them I think 'Captain America'

  7. Can you post the link to that bolter and chainsword marine creator?