Saturday, 21 January 2012

Terrain - 40k Ventilator - On the Workbench Part 4

Its starting to look the part now.

In this update I have done most of the weathering and used this opportunity to experiment with mixing my own washes again.

In the previous post I was trying to get the right verdigris look and so had to repaint the brass areas and use the correct mix of wash I ended up with. Cant remember the proportions of paint to water as I just go by 'feel', when I get what I want I usually make a batch and keep it in a spare paint pot for later use.

For the body of the Ventilator I experimented with a rust effect and used Vermin Brown as the colour mixed with water to get a wash like consistency. I applied it liberally to the detailed areas and only in the recesses of the wall sections.

I applied both verdigris and rust washes several times in places to get the right effect I was looking for.

In the next post it will be all finished!! Don't miss it.



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  2. Looks very nice. I love the verdigris. The painting really gives this a nice finished look and ties everything together.

  3. Wow, great work. I'll definitely be coming back to these posts for reference.