Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Terrain - 40k Ventilator - On the Workbench Part 3

Progress is slow but sure. I used the same mixture of blue, green and grey but this time I mixed in more grey for the first drybrush highlight of the Ventilator. I also used a stippling effect on the larger wall sections of the body as the drybrushing didn't quite leave the desired effect. I wasn't very worried about being neat here as the metal sections will be done last.

 On to the metal sections, I was experimenting here with a verdigris, using Jade Green, wash effect and trying to nail down the correct consistency hence the different effects on the vents. The left one is to light and the right a tad heavy so I ended up using a wash of  something in between.

That is as far as I got for now, stay tuned for the rest.



  1. The combination of blue, green, and grey for the body coat looks great. It's not your typical gothic dark, and it works.

  2. Loving the terrain, i find it makes a refreshing change from the usual troops and vehicles! keep it up!