Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Minotaurs Tactical Squad - Badab War - On the Painting Table

I have been waiting about six months to get this project off the ground, cant believe I had so much other stuff to get completed first. Part of the wait was for the release of the shoulder pads and the models for Ivanus Enkomi and Asterion Moloc from Forgeworld which are fantastic! I have a conversion in  mind even though I am going to purchase both these guys anyway. The thing I was waiting for was to see how Forgeworld was going to do the grenade launcher on Enkomi.

Anyhow back to the tactical squad. I completed my test mini see post here -

The picture below is of my Order of Navaar Chapter that I put on hold. What does that have to do with my Minotaurs? well they have been cleaned with Dettol and will be recycled into my new Minotaurs squad.

Picture above before cleaning

Picture above after cleaning with Dettol.

 and coat of Chaos Black as a base, I am not using a primer here. Want to see how that works out.

The next step was to apply my base colour of Tin Bitz.

Then a heavy dry brush of Brazen Brass followed by a heavy wash of Thraka Green and then a light dry brush of Brazen Brass again.

Next I applied a homemade wash of Thraka Green Wash and Scaly Green Paint.

Then another light dry brush with brazen Brass


Lastly cleaned up the recess with some neat application of the wash again.

That's it for the armour, next up will be the details so stay tuned.



  1. Those are coming along really nicely! Love the verdigris effect you do - can't wait to see more!

  2. Wow! Can't believe how easily those cleaned up with Dettol, how long did you soak them for?

    Love your Minotuars paint job, just wish FW would show the same kind of love on the Carcharodons...

  3. I was in no hurry so they soaked overnight then got a toothbrush treatment them another soak for a few hours and hey presto!

  4. Very nice job on those guys, the patine effect is well done.

    Ron, FTW