Sunday, 17 June 2012

Terrain Focus - 40k Fence - On the workbench

The next part of this series is about making a fence 40k style. These are the items you will need : a base of hard board cut to size and shape, some plastic mesh, toothpicks, pieces of high density insulation foam, bits of tree bark, a piece of pizza box card and some plastic sprue.

Start off by cutting off the ends of the toothpicks and threading them through your plastic mesh, once that's done secure the fence to the base, I have used greenstuff here but a hot glue gun will work also.
Next cut up your fence to make it look like its in a war zone, complete the ground as I have here with poly filler ( see my previous posts for details ) or use white glue and sand. Arrange your debris pieces to your liking and wait to dry.

 Once dry prime and paint black.


Next I paint the ground starting with Scorched Brow then dry brush with Bestial Brown, Bubonic Brown and ending with Bleached Bone,

 Next paint up your metals with Boltgun Metal and debris with Codex Grey.

Apply the details, wash the metals with Badab Black, after that's dry wash with Devland mud in selected areas ending with a wash of rust ( I mixed my own seen here ). The debris also get the same treatment without the rust effect.

Almost done so stay tuned for the final part.


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  1. Nice fence, that! I do like fences for perversely holding up infantry when tanks just roll on though.