Thursday, 9 August 2012

Minotaurs - Bikers - Badab War

Bikers, bikers and more bikers! I bought these guys cheap on eBay quite a few months ago and they were in an awful state. With the 5th edition rules they were a good unit but now in 6th edition it seems they are way better at real T5! Captain with a Storm Shield to soak up all those incoming shots cant be half bad! So out of the box they came and were cleaned up with Dettol and primed black and based as per my norm.

Next up I painted the bronze from Tin Bitz base, Brazen Brass, wash of Thraka Green, drybrush of Brazen Brass, wash of my Verdigris and then a neat drybrush of Brazen Brass again.

For those eagle eyed readers out there, you will have noticed I used a Forge World Minotaur shoulder pad on the squad leader / Captain.

More to follow soon.


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