Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pre Heresy - World Eaters - Dirt and Grime

Adding some weathering or dirt and grime is the last little addition to making your potentially bland colour scheme stand out a bit more.

As with the battle damage 'less is more' is probably the best way to go so with that thought in mind I watered down some Agrax Earthshade wash and carefully applied it to the recesses of the white parts of the armour where I thought dirt and grime may collect.

This wash wont really show on the Blue armour so I used a Rust pigment from Secret Weapon and also applied it carefully to the recesses of the backpack and shoulder pads. After a short wait to let the dust settle (joke) I wiped off the excess with a dry cloth and Voila! a nice looking mini that started off as a tabletop paint job only.


Hope you enjoyed the mini series.


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