Friday, 12 October 2012

Pre Heresy - World Eaters - Battle Damage

So painting battle damage on your models is not for everyone but I for one do like the look and in some instances I think it makes the paint job even better, what do I mean, well some colour schemes can look a bit boring or plain and battle damage can add that touch of variation to the scheme and make it stand out.

On the white parts of the model I painted Codex Grey to the areas that I thought would be prone to wear and tear and battle damage. On the blue parts of the armour I painted black, the reason for this is to create that  3D edge to the paint chips. Having the dark colour on first followed by a lighter colour gives it that depth and realism. Next on the Grey and Black ' chips' I painted Boltgun Metal for the final effect. You can then go even further and apply some washes to these chips to darken some with black wash  or add some dirt with brown washes.

 As I am going one step further and adding weathering pigments to this model I will leave it there for now.

So stay tuned for the next part and leave some comments and let me know what your thoughts are on the battle damage look : yes or no?



  1. That looks great! The Heresy-era World Eaters white and blue scheme really lends itself well to the battle damaged look - they tend to look a bit too pristine without it, and as a bunch of blood-crazed loonies they deserve to look a little rough around the edges. :)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, you got just the right amount too. There is a tendancey to overdo it or put it on the wrong places. Nice work.