Monday, 19 November 2012

Pre Heresy - Sons of Horus - On the Painting Table

Sons of Horus colour scheme, above are two different looks.
One is a metallic forest green and darker than the second. The second is a matt sea green/grey much lighter and non metallic.
The question from me on a post I did on the Horus Heresy Blog is which one of the two schemes to paint on my next test model for this series of Pre Heresy Legions?
One answer I got was to paint the metallic scheme using washes over a light base colour. 
This got me thinking as it is expanding on my recent work where I have been using washes to achieve the end result (see Word Bearers and Minotaur Scout posts). 

With the same objective in mind as the previous pre -heresy models, quick and easy table top quality, I decided to give this a try. 
I went for a boltgun metal base colour over a black primer. I was relatively careful to leave the recesses dark to create the depth of the shadows to the model.

I then began to add the washes of green. The Forgeworld Marine above looks like a good match for new GW green wash and that is what I used straight out of the pot.

After one coat.

I thought it was a bit too light so I applied another.


Its close but I wasn't sure so I went for another coat.

I think this looks like a good match.

How much easier can it be? all I have to do now is finish off the details.

Let me know if you think 3 washes is the way to go, or should I have stopped at 2?




  1. Maybe a fourth of Devlan Mud or Gyphonne Sepia (whatever they are called now) to give more depth and the brown element?

  2. I'd stop at 2. 3 feels too green. Though, at 3 you could give it a light ironbreaker drybrush and maybe hit that with a heavily watered down athonian camoshade to mute the green a bit and push the shadows in the recesses?

    1. Sounds like good suggestions, might try that out on another model as I have already finished this one.