Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pre Heresy - Word Bearers - On the Painting Table

On to the painting of my test model. I wanted to try the technique of painting black by using washes over a grey base coat on a complete model, I used this method to paint the leather pouches and boots on my Minotaur Scouts and it was fairly successful.

This is going to be a Table Top quality paint job and so I want it to be easy and quick. With my Minotaur Scouts my grey base coat was way to light and so it needed 5-6 washes so this time I went for a darker grey.

Then two washes of Badab Black seemed about right, apologies for the picture quality as you cant really see the contrast between the light and darker shaded areas.

All that was required next was to paint in the details, couldn't be much simpler.

In the next post I will finish off the details, writing on the scrolls etc, and show the complete model.

Let me know what you guys think with some comments below.



  1. Tough to see clearly- any chance you could crop those photos so we can see a close up?

    1. Apologies, not the best of pictures. I am buying a tripod and that will hopefully make my pictures much better.