Friday, 2 November 2012

Pre Heresy - Word Bearers - Shoulder Pad Sculpt

If you didn't catch this first time around on the Horus Heresy Blog.

Here is the start of my Word Bearer test model. I wanted to do a couple of things with this guy, firstly I wanted to paint his black armour with the grey base and black wash technique and secondly to get some more experience with my green stuff sculpting so that meant trying to sculpt the shoulder pad book with flame icon.

I started the model with a black primer then a Codex Grey base coat, afterwards I realised that the eagle on the chest should not be there and promptly cut it off (see picture above). I then thought about the shoulder pad icon and while I wanted to sculpt the book and flame I decided not to reinvent the wheel and used a Grey Knight shoulder pad which has a very nice book on it already and just sculpted the flame over the top.


I don't have any pictures of the process but a couple of things to watch out for, the book is raised a fair bit above the actual shoulder pad and so made the flame a bit difficult to sculpt as it had to be thin on the book and fat when it went past the book, hope you understand what I am trying to describe. The other is because the book is in the middle of the pad I made the flame too long as it goes  right to the top of the pad and the flame part is not so visible if looking at the model at its eye level, looking at a gamers eye view ( 45 degrees above) however its perfect.

I then made a Greenstuff mold and used that on my model and no self respecting Word Bearer would be without lots of scrolls so I added a tabard piece to his arm which I will paint up as a big scroll full of prayers and incantations and another small scroll to his leg.



  1. Very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing how the mold turns out. Cool to hear you're going for the older paint scheme as well - that's going to look sharp!

  2. You can see the mold in the last picture and its on the model itself. It did come out pretty well actually, all my molds so far have so fingers crossed.