Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pre Heresy - Word Bearers - Finished

I was getting rather frustrated with my poor photography and while I progressed from a mobile phone camera to digital camera, albeit an older model, my pictures have not really done justice to my hobby. So with that in mind I purchased a small tripod to ensure my shots are at least in focus if nothing else, also I will be using a better background that should show off the models a bit better.

With this model I felt it also ( as with the Word Eaters ) needed something extra to make it stand out a bit more as the colour scheme is a pretty drab Grey / Black. I used a light dry brush of Boltgun Metal over the edges and then followed that up with a light dusting of pigment in the recesses.

Unfortunately fine tuning the picture in Picasa has removed the contrast of the washed grey armour effect so its not as apparent as the real model.

Overall this is a easy paint job and the final look is pretty good, coupled together with what I think is a chapter that can offer you loads off nice customizable options to make your force stand out like the scrolls and prayers I added on this one.


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