Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Work in Progress Thousand Sons - Sort Of

Firstly thanks to those that left positive comments on my Creative Block post.

For the first time in just over a week I actually sat down at my desk and took out my hobby station. I looked over some of my models stored away and also the stuff that is still waiting for some action (Minotaurs Terminators, Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi Conversions, Mephiston and Astorath
Conversions, Pre Heresy stuff and loads of Terrain projects just to name a few), it did have some positive effect on me as I picked up a model and some greenstuff and started to sculpt a shoulder pad icon of a Scarab for my planned Pre Heresy Thousand Sons test. This started as a 'lets just see how easy this is' but I kept the result even though it's not my best work by far but more as a reminder that its little sparks like this that may get me out of my slump soon.

The greenstuff is curing right now so hopefully tomorrow I will decide if a paint job can make it look good enough or not, which leads me to a question:

On which side should the scarab go the left or right????

Some of GW's art is confusing as it shows the scarab on the right

and left. This is where I put mine.

Does it even matter?



  1. Nice!

    As far as the shoulder decorations, I figure just pick a side that you think looks best and roll with it. GW's art for the KSons is a bit erratic, there's white trim, silver trim, gold trim, insignia on one or both (or neither) shoulder pad, etc.

    Any way it goes, I'm a huge fan of the heresy-era KSons and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Mordian, I know you did a wonderful thousand sons army not long ago and I was very impressed with it. This will just be a little test for colour and some greenstuff sculpting.