Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flames of War - Sherman Tanks - On the Painting Table

I started to assemble my Shermans as per the instruction leaflet with the added coins for weight and value :) but soon ran into the dreaded 'awful fit' that I heard about on the net prior to buying Flames of War.

Below you can see how much green-stuff I used to close the gap between the top hull and side track section.

After assembling all the tanks I primed them with a black primer then painted them with a base coat of watered down black paint.

I then applied a two coats of Russian Uniform.

Next step was a liberal wash of a mix of 50/50 black and brown wash.


After that was dry I dry-brushed the tanks with Russian Uniform and cleaned up any areas that needed it.

I then painted the tracks and applied the same wash to them.

All that is left is to complete the stowage and other details and it will be done. I am not applying any decals as none were supplied with the starter set, a mistake from Battlefront I think.


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  1. Looking good. The gaps are really annoying. There are some posts on the FoW forum showing ways to trim the models to get them to fit a bit better.