Thursday, 14 February 2013

Flames of War - Adding Value to your Tanks Literally

Reading up on the web etc I noticed that when playing the game itself the extreme lightness of the models can mean moving them around unintentionally, so with this in mind people have added bits of left-over metal sprue to the inside to add some weight to the models to keep them in place on the tabletop. Having not played any games myself I decided to do the same just in case I ever did manage to get to play a game or two.

I went for adding value to my tanks literally by gluing euro cents to them.

They fit just right on the Sherman but the Stug was not as easy, I had to glue the cents to the underside as there was no space inside the model. I am hoping when it's painted up they wont be noticeable.



  1. Really good idea, I have 5 Zvezda's BT-5 and I'm afraid every time I move!

  2. Every Space Marine I have has a penny under the base for the same reasons, and to add a nice weighty feel too.