Saturday, 26 October 2013

Blood Angels - Knights of Blood Librarian

I did this conversion a few years ago now but have not got around to painting it up yet.

I wanted to try several different things on this guy. First is the Shoulder Pad Psychic Hood and second is the greenstuff press mold of the Tabard. I will do separate posts on these items afterwards for those interested in how I did them.

Some other items of interest are the bits from the Grey Knights  box that I added to the backpack, the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard axe that has been converted into a Force Stave also from the same sprue the torso and finally some extra armour bits on the thighs that I like.

I primed the model in black then painted the armour with Regal Blue.

I followed that with a layer of Enchanted Blue.

Next I base coated the rest of the model.

 I have added the final layers ready for the application of the washes and highlights.

Stay tuned to see how this guy turns out.


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