Friday, 14 March 2014

40K Chaos Chosen - The Reborn

So after many weeks of inaction I finally was able to get some painting done. Previously I asked my readers for some advice on a Chaos chapter for my Dark Vengeance Chosen. The winning result was the Reborn!

I started out with a grey primer, that and white is all I have, then followed with a thin base coat of black.

 Next I painted an a layer of GW tin bitz.

Followed by my custom mix of brass and orange mix, see pot in picture.

Now a heavy wash of my verdigris mix.

Followed by a dry brush of the custom brass mix.

Next a clean up of all areas that are not going to be brass.

The next part is going to be fun, I have never painted any sort of daemons before so using blue and purple on skin will be great fun. Hope it turns out okay.



  1. Lovely so far. Keep up the great work. Make sure the skin is very neutral to contrast that glorious metal ;)

  2. I've been trying that oxidized bronze too for a time now but these look like they are actually succesful : D Great painting mate!