Monday, 24 February 2014

Luna Wolf Shoulder Pad - Greenstuff Sculpt - Hobby


This is the last of the hobby posts related to my Pre-Heresy Luna Wolf model. I wanted to push my greenstuff sculpting abilities and had a go at sculpting the shoulder pad icon from scratch.

Above is what the actual icon is.

I started by adding some greenstuff to the shoulder pad and working it into the crescent moon shape. Then let it dry completely.

Next I cut out the bottom where the wolf part of the icon overlaps the moon.

Then I added new greenstuff and carefully worked it into the wolf head shape, then added definition as I went along for the eyes and ears. I tried my best to keep the head small but that is the best I could manage.

It looks pretty rough but once painted up I think it came out pretty well. Of course I made a greenstuff press-mould of the pad so I could replicate is easily for any future models.

Never by scared of trying your hand at greenstuff, if it goes wrong just cut it off and start again.


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