Wednesday, 19 March 2014

40k Chaos Chosen - The Reborn - WIP

I don't have as  much time to work on these beautiful models as I would like but slowly is better than nothing. Above you can see I have started to paint in the layer colours to the details.

I decided that these bad boys will worship all the Chaos Gods so I mixed it all up as far as the daemons go. Some purples, blues and that a

Because these models when put together make painting some areas difficult I am painting them first them will assemble them at the end, so how the finished product will look is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

I want to try and paint the daemons, trying to break out of the sword or trapped inside the sword depending on your preference, to look like real humans so am going for a flesh colour.

More building up the layers and some basic contrasting.

More soon.


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