Monday, 7 April 2014

40k Chaos Chosen - The Reborn - Finished


Well, I finally managed to finish these bad boys! In the beginning I hated painting these models because of the enormous amount of fine detail on them but towards the end I began to love them and the final product.

The paint job is a good table top standard and these models unfortunately don't look nearly as good in the photographs as they do in reality. My camera is starting to show its age and in these shots you can clearly see the difficulty it has in dealing with the variety of colours in one picture. You cant really see the different shades of paint e.g. red in the cloaks etc

Enough talking from me, enjoy the pictures!

I am so looking forward to tackling the Hellbrute now!!

Let me know what you think of The Reborn!



  1. Nice work! Way to push through and finish all those details!

  2. I agree with Zab ... the details are amazing and I salute your patience in finishing them. :)