Thursday, 18 December 2014

Conan - Hyborian Quests

I watched the Conan - Monolith Games Live Chat on 'Beasts of War' yesterday evening and I am looking forward to seeing this Kickstarter go live. I have been keeping my eye on the pictures an updates coming from Monolith and the sculpts are truly beautiful.

I have come close to backing several Kickstarter projects, the latest was Fallen Frontier, but never actually put my money down. Conan however is dear to my heart and I know this will be my maiden swim into the realms of Kickstarter and I cant wait.

The artwork is just as beautiful to behold from Adrian Smith. Just look at these:

I am not a board gamer as such but I want these minis so badly that I am hoping it will also get me to enjoy the board game as well.

The game board itself looks less appealing but as I said I cant speak from experience not having ever played more than Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk as a kid. The picture below however did make me sit up and look at the terrain possibilities of the game. I love making terrain and this looks promising.

Below is a Game Tile and an attempt at making the Tile into a 3 Dimensional Board.

Imagine what you could do with this Tile?

Here is another great example of the Swamp Tile and an attempt  to make it real.

I really cant wait! any takers?


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