Sunday, 15 February 2015

40k - Chaos Cultists - The Reborn - Dark Vengeance - WIP


More Dark Vengeance goodies, by the time I finish this set the new one will be

This time its the awesome Cultists!

I wanted my cultists to be from many different Imperial Guard Armies. That meant a variety of colours which in turn means it will be hard to make them fit in with the rest of my The Reborn Warband and at the same time make them look like they belong to the same unit themselves.

Black primer was applied first. I then painted all the base colours of the uniforms in reds, blues, greens, browns and greys. I alternated the colours so if one model has a blue trouser he could have a grey jacket and so on, this helped to keep the cohesion while still looking like they come from different armies.

I used the old corroded brass look on the guns to keep the link to The Reborn Warband and I hope once all the shading is done the colours will be muted, dirty and look like they fit together.

Stay tuned to see how they come out!



  1. Looking good so far! I like the way you utilized a color palette across the group, keeping them interesting individually, while maintaining cohesion as a unit.

  2. Nice job on the cultists ... they require a lot of work but are well worth it as you well know.