Sunday, 30 August 2015

Terrain - Ruins - WIP


When I attended the Salute event last year I picked up some very nice, inexpensive resin terrain pieces. The moment I saw them I knew they would be perfect for a number of different genres but most of all they would go with the upcoming Conan board game from Monolith. I was one of the very first backers and just loved the terrain prospects the game offered.

I decided to do a small test piece for a Khemi desert type board using these ruins. I cut out some rough shapes from hardboard and glued down my pieces with Gorilla Glue (if you are thinking of this please be aware that it expands as it dries and I will not be using it again).

I then added some unevenness to the surface with greenstuff so it would not be perfectly level, also to hide the glue that was protruding from the sides of the pillars.

Next was to cover the base with some sand.

Next for the painting!



  1. I have to ask, as these look great, who makes these pillars?

    1. Hi Dave, sorry I didn't keep the packaging and can't remember who the company is. Wishing I did now as they did come out nicely.

  2. They sure have. No worries I'll keep looking as these make for some great scatter terrain.

  3. I always hope to make a random find like this at Salute but I never seem to!

  4. The unevenness is a great idea. I'm going to loot that and use it :)