Saturday, 3 October 2015

German Panther with Zimmerit WW2 - 1/72 Scale - Plastic Soldier Company - WIP

Who doesn't love German tanks! This kit from PSC is a good price, easy to assemble and you get two tanks in the box with all the extra bits you may want like a tank commander.

I primed the models with grey then base coated them with Middlestone.

Next was a heavy wash of 60/40 brown/black.

I then drybrushed the models with Middlestone again.

I painted my camouflage in the same tried and tested method as all my other german models. The brown camouflage with a 50/50 mix of Middlestone and Chocolate Brown and a 70/30 Chocolate Brown and Middlestone mix for the center part of the camouflage. The green was a 50/50 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone as a base then a 70/30 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone for the center of the camouflage.

I need to drybrush the armour again to bring out the detail then finish of the tracks and other bits.

stay tuned for the finished model.



  1. When you play bolt action at 1/72, are you using larger points values, or are you just scaling up the battlefield?

    1. Thanks for the comments John. As yet I have not payed a game of Bolt Action in this scale but that is my intention. Once I have a army big enough I will be looking for like minded gamers.

  2. Panthers look great...they are ridiculous in BA!