Sunday, 6 December 2015

30k - Pre Heresy - Night Lords - Coversion - Finished

The finished model, I am really glad the wing sculpt on the shoulder pad looks good painted. I was concerned the greenstuff looked a bit suspect in areas.

The other part of my goal, the skull on the helmet, also came out better than I was expecting and I think it adds a really effective, terror inspiring, look to the Nightlords. The lightning streaks on the armour gave me some pause for thought as well, you naturally want to cover the model with them but in the end a few well placed streaks looks much better.

I decided to use my Red Planet base made from ground black pepper and weathering pigment for the model as the red contrasts nicely with the blue armour.

Below is a very nice piece of art that fully encapsulated the Nightlords for me.

Let me know what you think as always.


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  1. Great work. I like that metallic glow to the blue :)