Sunday, 29 November 2015

30k - Pre Heresy - Night Lords - Conversion - WIP

Made a start on painting my converted marine by priming the model with black.

The picture below is my inspiration for the final look and the skull painted onto the helmet is a key feature I want to replicate.

Next I painted the armour with silver.

I then started the glazing/wash process by applying a layer of Drankenhof Nightshade.

Followed by a second layer.

 Finally a third layer.

I cleaned up the details with their respective base colours.

I started with the base colour for the gold with a 50/50 mix of dark brown and gold. I painted the lightning streaks with a fine detail brush in light blue followed by white.

The skull face on the helmet was started with a base colour of brown.

I now just need to finished the final details.



  1. That's looking great man - good stuff!

    1. Thanks, I am also keen to see how your Alpha Legion progress.

  2. Wow! The armour looks very good at this stage. Nice work so far.

    1. Thank, stay tuned for the finished model it looks great.