Sunday, 13 December 2015

Betrayal at Calth - Cataphractii Backpack Conversion - Greenstuff Mold

I have been wanting to utilize this reusable mold I have had in my hobby box for a while now and this seemed like the best opportunity to try it out.

I love the Cataphractii Terminators backpack detail, they are so much better than the 40k versions. I took my reusable mold and soaked in in almost boiling water for a few minutes then mashed it around the  Cataphractii Terminators backpack, the first mold was a bit hard so I left the second one a bit longer in the hot water and it was much softer and seemed to get into the detail better.

Once it was dry I filled the two molds with greenstuff.

Left to dry and looked at the results.

Not bad for what took a short time. The one on the left was the result from the harder mold, it came out slightly less detailed than the one on the right which stayed in the hot water for longer.

I will now convert them onto to 40k Terminator to see what they look like complete


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