Sunday, 18 September 2016

Alpha Legion - Horus Heresy - Betrayal at Calth - WIP


After doing my successful testing on using the Tamiya X23 paint as a candidate for the Alpha Legion colour scheme I have started on my next batch of Betrayal at Calth miniatures.

The plan is pretty straight forward.

Prime with black and base colour of Leadbelcher.

Next a good coverage of my 60/40 black/brown wash mixture.

Layer on Tamya X23.


Some observations, the Tamiya had to be applied in three layers to get the rich, deep blue colour I was after. My reasoning is that this legion is all about stealth so the bright blue colour from Forge World is less consistent with the fluff, hence I preferred the deep blue.

The pictures are great but didn't quite capture the colour as it is in real life which is a shame, hopefully the finished ones will.

I need to finish off the details and bases next, so stay tuned for the finished squad.



  1. Very cool - I really dig how they turned out!

    1. Thank, hope the finished pictures show them off to their best.

  2. Great colour scheme, brilliantly executed. Seriously love these guys you painted!

    1. Thanks, much appreciated, I also think the colour turned out very well.